OHS Systems

Extract from AS/NZS 4801

“The adoption and implementation of a range of effective occupational health and safety (OHS) management actions in a systematic manner can contribute to optimal outcomes for all interested parties.

Organisations of all kinds and sizes adopt a systematic approach to managing OHS and develop OHS management systems (OHSMS) within the context of:

  • The general growth of concern from all interested parties about OHS matters.
  • Changes to legislation.
  • Other measures to foster sustained OHS improvement.

There are many reasons why organizations implement an OHSMS including legal imperatives, ethical concerns, industrial relations considerations and to improve financial performance. Implementation of an effective OHSMS should, however, primarily lead to a reduction of workplace illness and injury, minimizing the costs associated with workplace accidents. OHSMS are also used by some organizations to demonstrate, internally and in some cases externally (via self declaration or certification/registration as appropriate), that they are systematically controlling the risks to all persons affected by the organization’s activities, products or services.

The growing demand for OHS compliance is on the increase in all Business Sectors. It is mandated in Legislation PCBU’s are to ensure as far as is reasonably practicable that workers are not expose to the risk of work place harm. The key element in meeting this obligation is to have and maintain a compliant OHSMP.

Rii through its sister company Corsair Management Service Pty Ltd (www.corsairmgmt.com) can assist with:

  • Derivation of turn key OHSMS documentation
  • Periodic audits of the OHSMS
  • Site audits and inspections
  • Act as company representative to Principal Contractors
  • Derivation of JSEA’S & SWP’S
  • Accident and incident investigation

The core of a safe workplace is a robust health and safety management system.

We develop workplace health and safety manuals that provide businesses with a systematic and structured safety management system that complies with legislation.

We tailor the structure and framework of our manuals to any organisation – big or small – and will match the policies and procedures to the level of risk and maturity of your organisation.

For small to medium sized businesses, our extensive experience in helping businesses of all size achieve robust safety systems means we can tailor a solution to suit the exact needs of that business.

Our manual and documents service extends to other areas of your safety management system, including individual workplace health and safety policies and procedures, employee handbooks, induction packs and workplace health and safety toolkits.

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